We are often asked questions about participating in the Vision Percussion Cast. Find some of the Frequently Asked Questions below. You can also contact us with any unanswered questions.

Q. Are we attending WGI World Championships?

Not this year,we are focused on having a financially stable ensemble. Our plan is to go next year, in the meantime, we will be goingto two california regionals!

Q. Are the snares tilted?


Q. What are the fees to participate?

Fees for the season are $1400 - $1500. Additional details will provided once you are selected for the Vision Cast.

Q. Will mallets/Sticks be provided?

Yes for the front ensemble players. Battery players will need to purchase their own. Vision will have them for sale after callbacks. We will be using Vic Firth products, specifically Ralph Hardimon sticks. More detail about these items will be provided after you are selected for the Vision Cast.

Q. Will instruments be provided?

Yes, instruments are provided for auditions. You may bring your own drums if you prefer.